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“Your psychological assessment of my relationship with A has given me great confidence for the future mediation process - that I as a father was indeed doing the right things for my daughter. Lisa, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to anyone else who needs some professional help with the many unexpected problems and traumas which families in separation experience.”
Mr McG, Father

“Lisa you have been a lifesaver! You have been swift, proactive and to the point in identifying and resolving our daughter’s school refusal. Thank you."
Mr s B, Mother

“Excellent training!  I feel now I would like to learn more about attachment as there seems to be so much to know!  Today’s training is so relevant to the children in our care.”
Foster Carer, Alpha Plus Fostering Service 

“Clinic al Supervision has been of the highest standard and your psychological knowledge, skills and passion for working with children and families has been invaluable and inspiring to me." 
Justine Kelly, Clinical Psychologist

 “Lisa is a very perceptive and enthusiastic psychologist with considerable experience, especially in working with children and families.”
Jeff Hughes, Educational Psychologist




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