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Terms an Conditions
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For the purpose of the Terms and Conditions below, ‘Service User’ is used to refer to the child/young person/parent/family member/professional/organization accessing and/or commissioning the service.

Please note, in addition to ticking the Terms & Conditions Box on the referral page of the website - by browsing and using this Website, and accessing MH Child and Family Psychology Service, you agree to be bound by the Service’s terms, conditions, disclaimers and limitations of liability.

We are committed to protecting the personal information that you provide, and recognise the importance of being clear about how we intend to use it. All personal information provided to us by you will be held by MH Child & Family Psychology Service at our office: PO Box 242, Liverpool L25 4UW. We do not accept any liability or responsibility in the privacy practices of third party professionals/organisations which link and work jointly with our service.

Some of the information you provide to us is considered sensitive personal data as defined under the Data Protection Act 1998. We seek the consent of service users before contacting their GP and other professionals. We take confidentiality very seriously, and endeavour to respect this for service users. However, it must be noted that confidentiality of the information shared cannot always be maintained, In particular, when risks have been identified concerning the well-being of the service user and/or another.

If service users share information and risks/safeguarding concerns are indentified, we at MH Chid and Family Psychology are bound under Safeguarding law and practice to share the relevant information with other professionals.

Cancellation Policy
Bookings service users make with MH Child & Family Psychology need to be paid for either in advance, or on the day the session takes place. If payment for a session has been made in advance and the service users then needs to cancel or rearrange the session, refunds will be made if the cancellation request is received by us at least 24 hours before the scheduled session/meeting. In the event that a cancellation request is received with less than 24 hours notice, 50% of the payment made will be refunded.

In the event that a cancellation request is received with less than 24 hours and the service users has not yet made payment for the booking/session, the SERVICE USERS WILL BE ASKED TO PAY for 50% of the session rate. MH Child & Family Psychology apologises for this, but trusts that service users will understand that bookings/session time cannot be used by others once they are cancelled at short notice.

Anti-Discrimination Policy
At MH Child & Family Psychology we value people for their differences and we try to promote self worth around any differences service users feel may have affected them. These may be around their sexual preference or orientation, mental health status, political or religious belief, age, gender or race.

Health and Safety
We accept no responsibility for any health and safety issues that arise as part of accessing this website. We take the upmost care and due diligence when working with clients whether this be in their homes, schools or clinic based settings. In any school or clinic setting we adhere to all the health and safety regulations that are applied to the building and organisation.

MH Child & Family Psychology is not an emergency mental health service, and it does not provide 24 hour support cover. Therefore, we cannot offer support for service users who are at immediate risk of harm. In these instances, service users are advised to make urgent contact with their GP or Careline who would be in a position to offer advice.

Absence of Service
We do not guarantee that our website and psychology service will be ‘error free’, uninterrupted, or always available. At certain times of the year Dr Lisa Marsland and Associates may be away on training or leave. We apologies for any absence of service and for any inconvenience caused to services users during these periods.

We hope you will never have to complain about our services but if you have a concern please call Dr Lisa Marsland, or put your complaint in writing to us at your earliest convenience.

MH Child & Family Psychology’s website should be used for contact and information purposes only and we accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by using the website. It is important that our website is seen as a source of information so we can help you to access support appropriately. We accept no liability if the information provided is misused to diagnose or treat any psychological problems.

Information and consultation obtained via this website and by Dr Lisa Marsland is provided in good faith. Advice given is offered in response to evidenced-based knowledge/information and information provided by the service user. If potentially important information is withheld in the information given by the service user, this limits the nature and depth of advice that can be offered.

Whilst links to other services and referrals to other professionals is offered via our service, we make no warranty regarding any information or advice obtained therein, or any products or services link sites/professionals may recommend. All advice and recommendations obtained through link sites/other professionals should be accepted at the service user’s discretion and judgment.

All information provided via this website and MH Child & Family Psychology Service is provided to support, not replace the relationship that exists between the service user and his/her GP and other multi-disciplinary professionals working with the child/family.



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