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Early Intervention ProjectsMany of our Psychology Associates have specialist knowledge, skills and experience in offering specialist early intervention services to statutory and non-statutory organisations and professionals supporting children and parents in the community. Two of these specialist services are:

The Solihull Approach
The Solihull Approach supports Early Years Professionals working with children and families in the community to provide sensitive and attuned parenting to optimise the infant/child’s development and future mental-health. The Solihull model explores the importance and link between containment, reciprocity and behaviour management. In addition, the approach provides key messages from exciting research on infant brain development and later child development, offering an understanding of how crucial attachment and parenting are to children’s functioning and progress in early and later years.

The Family Nurse Partnership
The FNP programme is an evidence-based, preventive programme for vulnerable young first time mothers and their families. It offers intensive and structured home visiting, delivered by specially trained nurses, from early pregnancy until the child is two. Research has suggested the FNP can break intergenerational patterns of social deprivation and improve the life chances of the most disadvantaged children in our society. One of the core functions of FNP is the provision of evidence-based training, consultation and supervision for the Family Nurses.

If you would like further information on the above projects or other Early Intervention Projects we offer, please contact Lisa.

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