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Therapeutic ServiceTherapeutic Work with Infants, Children & Adolescents
We are experienced in working with parents/families with Infants, children and adolescents aged 0-18 who have a range of difficulties including:

Infants with:
• Difficulties with Sleeping, Feeding, Toileting
• Developmental Delay
• Behavioural Problems
• Difficulties in Regulating Feelings/Emotions
• Attachment, Bonding and Separation Difficulties
• Anxiety, Trauma, Abuse, PTSD Symptoms
• Early Identification of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
• Social and Communication Difficulties

Children with:
• Emotional and Behavioural Problems
• Anxiety (General, Phobias, OCD)
• Depression and Low Self Esteem
• Problems at School with teachers, peers, bullying
• Difficulties with attachment/family relationships
• Bereavement, Separation or Loss
• Diagnoses of ASD, ODD, ADHD and other Disorders

Adolescents with:
• Emotional, Psychological, Behavioural Problems
• Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
• Attachment and Relationship Difficulties
• Eating Disorders
• Self Harming Behaviours
• Personality Difficulties
• Other Mental Health Difficulties

Therapeutic Work with with Parents/Carers & Families

A large part of our work involves working with parents and the family as a whole. We believe that by working with the parent-child relationship and/or family system significant change and long-term benefits can occur. We are experienced in working with parents and family systems with difficulties including:

• Relationship difficulties stemming back from own childhood
• Difficulty to bond and build a secure attachment with their baby
• Depression and Post Natal Depression
• Unresolved issues of loss, trauma and abuse
• Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Panic Attacks
• Difficulties with parenting and managing behaviour
• Emotional difficulties, Low-Self Esteem
• Marital, Relationship Problems
• Addictions to Alcohol and Substances
• Experiences (past and present) of domestic violence, abuse
• Personality Difficulties
• Other Mental Health Difficulties
• Separation/Divorce/Contact Disputes

In addition to the therapeutic work we offer to parents and families, we also offer Couples Therapy, Parenting Programmes and Joint-Working Sessions with other significant family members, professionals linked to the family system.

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