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Teaching & TrainingMH Child & Family Psychology offers a Menu of different Teaching and Training Courses in the area of Child and Family Psychology to statutory and non-statutory organisations across the UK.

Menu of Training Courses:

• Attachment Theory, Part1: An Introduction
• Attachment Theory, Part2: Separation & Loss
• Understanding Attachment with Looked After Children
• Attachment and Brain Development
• Attachment and Sleep Problems
• Supporting Looked After Children with their Education & School
• The Psychology of ADHD
• Understanding Autistic Spectrum Disorders
• Behaviour Problems in Childhood & Adolescence
• Understanding Behaviour
• Managing Behaviour
• Raising Parenting: Trans-generational Patterns of Attachment & Trauma
• Child Development
• Early Intervention: ‘Making a Difference’
• Trauma: The Impact of Trauma on Attachment and Brain Development
• The Solihull Approach
• ‘Building Bonds Project’: Building Positive Interactions & Attachment Between Parents & Infants
• The Role of a Child Clinical Psychologist in CAMHS
• Parental Mental Health: Society’s Judgement and The Evidence Base
• Parental Mental Health & The Impact on Parenting
• The Importance of Supervision for Continuing Professional Development

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