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Psychology In SchoolsChildren and adolescents are facing increasing pressure to achieve academically. And we recognise that for schools, the task of educating them is becoming ever more complex and demanding.

MH Child & Family Psychology offers an Assessment and Therapeutic Support Service to Independent, State Primary and Secondary Schools. We have the experience and knowledge to offer support at a variety of levels from 0-18 years and can work in 1-1 settings, with groups, or with the whole educational system.

Examples of some of the work we offer Schools:
• Work with children and adolescents with Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties
• Consultation and support with Safeguarding Concerns/Cases
• Therapeutic Work with Looked After Children
• Work with parents/families who need parenting support/advice
• Consultation and Training Courses for School Staff
• IQ Assessments

One of our Associates is a highly skilled and experienced Learning Mentor who offers therapeutic mentoring support to children and adolescents in Primary and Secondary Schools across the North West.

At MH Child & Family Psychology we tailor each intervention to meet the child, adolescents, professional or Schools needs. Once you have made a referral we can discuss the most appropriate assessment/intervention.

You do NOT need a CAF to access our services. You simply refer with parental consent.

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