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What are your Fees?
My fees vary depending on different Services offered and who is funding the services. Please contact me (Lisa Marsland) for information regarding costs of the different services offered.

What Ethical Code do YOU follow?
I follow a strict frame of ethics set out by the British Psychological Society. As a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, I am registered with the Health Professionals Council. I am committed to developing opportunities for everyone to be able to access child and family psychology services which are beyond the remit of the NHS.

Where are your based?
One of the core aims of MH Child & Family Psychology is to make our services most accessible for children and families, professionals and organisations. Thus, we work on an ‘outreach basis’: offering services out and about in homes, schools, services/organisations in the community. However, we do have rented offices if families or professionals prefer to visit us.

Do you work with the Media?
Yes, I (Dr Lisa Marsland) do media interviews providing that it is on an area where I have sufficient knowledge and expertise.
What are your Terms & Conditions?
Please click here for detailed Information on MH Child & Family Psychology’s Terms & Conditions.

How Far with your Travel for Work?
We are happy to travel and offer our services to families and services across the UK. However, some travel costs/expenses may apply depending on the place of work.



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