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Building Bonds: Parent-Infant Mental Health Service‘A sensitively responsive parent is more likely to have a securely attached child, who is likely to grow into a secure and empathic adult and parent.’
(Svanberg 2009).

‘Building Bonds’ is an ‘early intervention, prevention-based Service that MH Child & Family Psychology offers to Infants and parents. The core aim of Building Bonds is to improve the parent-Infant Relationship and parents and infants’ mental health and well-being. The main objectives are to 1) increase secure attachment between parent and infant, 2) increase parental sensitivity and responsiveness and 3) enhance parents’ ability to ‘hold their baby in mind’ and be more ‘in tune’ with their baby and their baby’s needs.

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‘Building Bonds’ is both a cost and clinically effective Early Intervention and Parent-Infant Mental Health Service which can offer great benefits for three groups of Parents & Infants in our community:

• Parents and Infants living in the community
• Parents & Infants residing in ‘mother-baby’ Foster Care Placements
• Parents & Infants residing in ‘parent-Infant HMP Prison Units

Building Bonds offers benefits to the parent-infant attachment relationship and to the future mental health and wellbeing of the Infant who may also one day become a parent.

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