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Therapeutic Assessment & Interventions

Psychological Assessments

A Psychological Assessment is carried out with all infants, children, adolescents, parents and families within the first meeting. In addition to the package of ‘Assessment & Intervention’, MH Child & Family Psychology also offers a range of ‘stand alone’ individual Psychological Assessments.

• Attachment Assessments of Parent-Infant/Child/Adolescent relationship
• Parent-Infant Interaction Assessment (Care-Index Measure)
• Assessment of Family Relationships (Family Relations Test)
• Cognitive Assessments of both Parents and Children’s cognitive abilities
• Parenting Assessments

Psychological Interventions

We offer a range of therapeutic interventions to children and families:

• Individual ‘talking therapy’ (using a range of psychological models)
• Attachment-Focused Interventions
• Systemic/Family Therapy
• Behavioural Therapy for Children
• ‘Managing Emotions’ Emotional Regulation
• Trauma-focused Therapeutic Work
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Adolescents
• Psychodynamic Therapies
• Couples Therapy (for parents)
• Parenting Group Support Programmes
• Pre & Post-Natal Interventions for Parents and Infants

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